Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Stuff

Looky what the postman brought me today - free books! I finally got around to spending an Amazon gift certificate last weekend and I chose the latest in the River Cottage Handbook series. I already have their guides to Bread and Preserves, and I think the books are simply lovely as objects in themselves. Very excited to get planning the veg patch for next year with the help of this little tome. Hopefully I will have lots of success to report here in Spring!

Not strictly free but near enough....
The properly free book was this:

Free as a bird
I signed up to the Early Reviewers group on LibraryThing a while ago, hopefully chose my books each month and suddenly - I get one! I actually can't even remember picking it out but it looks like it has potential. The story follows a Castrati in 18th century Vienna, so it ticks a fair few boxes for me. Now all I have to do is get around to reading it (not easy - the books are starting to pile up on the nightstand), take notes and write a useful review for the site. Eeek! A proper review!

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