Monday, November 15, 2010

Chaos Theory

So the very lovely fabric I ordered from Etsy arrived on Friday. Much excitement all around, in which mood I decided to get going on some Christmas gifts (details here). Shortly, my work table looked like this:

There has to be a better way...

To my shame the picture above illustrates my usual working environment, with all my notions and threads in a zip-lock bag and fabric over chairs, etc. At least there is tea, I'm not a savage.
After more tea and some Ginger Nuts my brain started working again and I realised the solution to my problem was staring me in the face (or, more accurately, languishing on a shelf in the basement).

The Ginger Nut: No 6 in my Biscuit Top Ten, above the Custard Cream but below Digestives

Ta Da! I give you, My Work Box!

That's proper Irish mud on there, you know (and yes, I have scrubbed it)

I bought this little work box for 5 euro seven years ago in Lidl, when I was working as an archaeologist in Ireland. It's spent many long, cold, windy and wet hours on various hillsides waiting for something exciting to happen, getting filled with random bits of string, rusty nails and pens jammed with mud.
I like to think I am giving it the cushy retirement it deserves.

Happy to serve once more, alongside my rather natty sewing machine cover.

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