Monday, January 10, 2011

Knitting Resolutions

 My knitting has reached a bit of an impasse. This has been a few reasons but mainly I have'nt seen anything I want to make lately and sewing is just so much more instant gratification...harder to do while watching TV, though. So, in addition to my sewing resolution, I think I need a few for my bamboo needles.
  1. I will knit my ravelry queue, in order and with the right yarn
  2. I will no longer subject myself to the frustration that is buying yarn at Michaels.
  3. I will accept that to make truly nice garments I should probably spend more than $6 a skein.
 I made a good start with these over the weekend when I made my first purchase from Knit Picks to make the first item in my queue, the Carnaby Skirt. Living in The Frozen North as I do, skirts don't figure much in my wardrobe for 6 months of the year. But the reviews if this pattern all assure me that this skirt is toasty warm, especially when knit up with Wool of the Andes. Here's hoping.

The Carnaby Skirt (Photo by

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