Thursday, January 27, 2011

Labrador 1; Wardrobe 0

The Labrador loves fabric. Loves it. Loves to bite it, chew it, shake it, tear it. Like I said, she loves it. Understandably this makes me nervous. She has yet to get into my stash but has does manage daily recce trips into our bedroom for whatever she can get her little paws on.Yesterday she hit the jackpot.
A brand new, sleeveless cotton short with silk-lined ruffles. Man, she enjoyed that. Quickly followed by my sleep t-shirt and most audaciously, an attempt on a pair of jeans. I caught her dragging them down the hall way behind her with a definite air of joie de vivre.

I guess I could just start putting my clothes away....

The Face of Destruction

And oh my goodness have you noticed how it is almost the end of the month and I have yet to make my skirt? I am ashamed. I shall start forthwith. Honest. Once I've just finished my cup of tea, and my novel, and baked some cookies, hung out with friends....any day now I promise.

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