Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello? Anybody There?

Oh my goodness it has been the longest time, hasn't it? Over a year. I hang my head in Blog Shame. In my (weak) defence I have been quite busy with a new job, a new horse and a new baby on the way! Little Something (LS) is due to make her appearance in a couple of months and I have been very busty crafting away to make a nursery even Apartment Therapy would be proud of. Maybe. So I'm hoping that over the next few weeks I'll be able to show you what I have done, and how I have done it. That's right blogosphere- tutorials! Yay!
First, let me remind you how the soon-to-be-nursery used to look....wasn't it hideous?

Next let me show you some quick snapshots now we are half-way through...

I know grey is not the most obvious choice for a nursery, but I think the softness of this shade works well. Check out the Moses basket and quilt - details next time!

Change table and the rocking horse I got for free - happy days!

After weeks of searching for a nice dresser at a reasonable price I gave up and created a shelving system, from the Dollar Store. Cheap? Me?

Knitted teddy from a pattern by Erika Knight

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