Friday, February 18, 2011

Lund Sweater Lust

A quick search on Ravelry shows that I am not the only one suffering from Lund Sweater Lust, I think anyone who is lucky enough to be watching The Killing will be experiencing  a strong urge for soft Nordic knits. For those who aren't watching, it's a great slow-burn and complex crime drama from Denmark which makes Wallander look like a sunny day at the beach. Yesterday I found myself saying 'I am so glad The Killing is going to last another six weeks' which just sounds wrong. The double bill on the BBC has become a weekly treat in our house, and  I am convinced the slightly creepy Vagn is the killer, but I have no idea what the politician has to do with anything. What is mainly getting in the way of  minor plot details for me is Sarah Lund's rather magnificent sweater:

When I should be concentrating on political deals, how the killer got the car keys, and exactly how dodgy the teacher is, I find myself drifting off into thoughts of yarn thickness, tension and  yokes. The sweater is available to buy from Gudrun & Gudrun, for an eye-watering CAD$376, so clearly the only way forward is to knit the thing. It doesn't look that tricky to do, I'm guessing a soft bulky yarn with  needles a size larger than recommended. I found this pattern by Drops which I think could be used as a base pattern, increasing the Nordic design repeat, excluding the dots and border and changing the neckline.

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  1. I have only seen the USA version which was very good and remarkable, for the USA, in that it was a slow burn and it's stars were not pretty and it's female star did not once wear make up or do her hair!. Don't think i have seen anything like it from the USA before. Having seen it, not now sure about watching the original.
    The sweaters you show are gorgeous and both are very appealing.