Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring has Sprung...kind of

Right now I am in the depths of a prairie winter. Three months down, three more to go. Its very cold, mostly dark and when it is daylight, mostly white.
Which is why I am so excited by these:

 Back in September I cunningly thought ahead and decided to force a few of the bulbs I bought to plant out in the front yard. I love Daffodils, they remind me of home (Wales) and springtime walks in the hills. I noticed last year they don't seem to be as common out here in Canada so I decided it was up to me to grow some. After a few months cold treatment in the garage and basement I think these have bloomed beautifully, and they have cheered me up immensely.
Especially when outside looks like this:

Stupid winter.
 I think this afternoon I will take the dogs for a nice long walk in these green hills, followed by a pint by the fire in an old pub and a good dinner. Oh no, wait....I forgot what continent I lived on for a second. Sigh.

Wild daffodils in  North Yorkshire

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